As the name suggests, our portal aims at bringing HR functions directly to your desktop and empowering you to take full control of your HR activities - irrespective of the role you play in your organization.
Our on-demand portal is accessible 24x7 from anywhere while ensuring complete safety and confidentiality of your data. Our modules are easy to use and almost always self explanatory; so you don’t need any prior training to use them. Here’s how you use this portal:
1. Log in using your secure login and password.
2. Get started with our self-help modules that cater to a wide range of HR activities. Remember to recheck the data you input – whatever you save on this web-based application is automatically integrated with your organization’s HR and payroll systems in the back-end.
3. Take full control of your information – carry your information with you wherever you go and access it anytime and from anywhere.

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IMPORTANT: Please do not disclose your Organization Code, Employee ID & Password to anyone. This is most critical to ensure the security of your information.
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